Targeted Personalized Therapies

Oncology is one of the most important fields of personalized medicine as most of efforts in this field have recently centered on targeted cancer drug development. New tools are continuously being developed that promise to make cancer treatment more efficacious. The detection of gene variants or mutation within a sample increases the understanding of the tumor behavior and is therefore the basis for an individualized cancer therapy with a better assessment of diagnosis, prognosis and therapy.

Oncogenetic Panels

Safe, fast, accurate blood test. Possibility of fetal gender determination at 10-weeks of pregnancy.






Thanks to availability of oncogentic servicesin the UAE, oncologist can take almost immediate decision about theright personalized treatment for the patient. Availability of theoncogenetic tests locally is also reducing the cost and giving possibility ofdirect interaction/genetic consultations with the referring physician.

Approved Target Therapies

Approved Target Therapies

Onco Genetics - How it works?

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