• Prior estimates suggested that 40% of the UAE’s overall healthcare budget would be spent on treating diabetes.
  • With more than 1 million diabetics receiving care and another half million who are pre-diabetic or undiagnosed, interventions that can reduce the associated complications of diabetes are sorely needed.
  • As per local health authorities,the diabetes burden to the UAE costs more than 2 billion a year in direct andindirect costs ($2,155 per person).
  • According to recent reports the incidence of diabetes is near 13.6%.

Diabetes prevelence

Diabetes Panel

Diabetes Panel examines genes associated with obesity and/or diabetes. It is ideal for patients with a clinical suspicionand/or family history of monogenic diabetes, neon at aldiabetes mellitus and obesity related disorders. Panel is tailored to the specificity of Arab population.

Clinical Utility and benefits

  • Patients identified with a disease-causing change in a gene may benefit from increased surveillance, targeted and personalized management, and preventative steps to better manage their risk.
  • Medical intervention can include lifestyle changes in diet and exercise, hormone replacement, and bariatric surgery.
  • Patient’s family members can also be tested to help define their risk. If a pathogenic variantis identified in your patient, close relatives (children, siblings, andparents) are up to 50% more likely to also be at increased risk.

Diabetes Testing- Why Genetika Menalabs?

We are offering a mechanism to identify the patients with increased diabetes risk in order to provide targeted and personalized management and reduce the cost of complication. It is well known that, more than 65% of diabetic patients will experience some form of macro or microvascular complication as a result of their diabetes. This in and of itself represents a significant cost to the health care system.

Assessing Cardiovascular Risk For Diabetic Patients.

Cardiovascular disease is the most severe, frequent and costly complication of diabetes and it is the leading cause of death among individuals with diabetes. This group is already in acompromised state with their cardiovascular system due to inflammation. We offer genetic test that can be performed affordably and that can identify which patients are at highest risk for cardiovascular complications. The benefit to this identification is that patients in need of the most attention can be addressed before they have a life-threatening event (providing guidance on the reduce risk of cardiovascular event inpatients with diabetes).

Cardiovascular Risk For Diabetic Patients – Why Genetika Menalabs?

The clinical impact of this test is grounded in the fact that once a patient has been identified as a genetic carrier, there is an affordable, accessible and actionable therapy that can be taken to reduce the risk back to the base line cardiovascular risk. Taken together, this test represents asignificant achievement in risk reduction with a therapy that is cost-effectiveand widely available. The impact further extends into less cost from complications, better disease management and improved quality of life.

How it works?

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